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Womens 1000 Mile Fusion Double Layer Anklet Fusion Sock £12.99

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Product Information

    • The Fusion Anklet Sock combines the comfort and protection that comes from a padded sock with the 1000 Mile Double Layer System for reduced friction and blister protection.

      Looking for padded running socks? 1000 Mile have got you covered.

      The padded zone on the heel, not only helps to protect the Achilles tendon but has been extended around the ankle to the front to protect the foot from any discomfort caused by footwear.

      Specifically shaped padding on the toe and ball of foot areas cover known trouble spots for runners and walkers alike, giving extra protection whatever the activity.  Making these the ultimate comfort in padded running socks.

      We’ve even added in ventilation zones on the top of the foot section to increase breathability and help keep the feet feeling cool during wear.

      This sock is knitted to an ankle length for those who prefer a shorter sock.

      Covered by our unique BLISTER FREE GUARANTEE – Double layer construction helps to eliminate friction between the foot and shoe. This reduced wear and helps to prevent blisters.